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Basic knowledge of color contact lenses

Basic knowledge of color contact lenses, a must-see for newbies! The real McCoy!

 Color contact lenses degree conversion

Frame glasses >-1.00, contacts is 0 degree 

Frame glasses >-4.00, conversion not needed

Frame glasses >-5.00, contacts+0.25

Frame glasses >-7.00, contacts+0.50

Frame glasses >-8.00, contacts+0.75


 Picking of Color contact lenses material 

The best on the shelves: silicone hydrogels and non-ionic materials.

People with dry eyes are perfect for wearing silicone hydrogels, locking in water for a long time, normally 10-15 hours.

People with sensitive eyes are best candidates for non-ionic materials : ultra-thin, ultra-soft. Giving you the bang for the buck, the wearing time is 8-12 hours.

Gimmick materials not recommended!


Classroom sharing of colored contact lenses part3

Color contact lenses are in direct contact with our eyes and belong to the third category of medical devices.

What kind of packaging is in line with the regulations of the Food and Drug Administration?

Key Note: crumpled packaging, means it has been fully vacuum sterilized.

Figure 2 a smooth surface, a red flag: not vacuum sterilized.

Keep in mind, dears, marking the date of manufacture, shelf life, the product specifications is also a must!


Classroom sharing of colored contact lenses part4-Base Curve

Sometimes you feel uncozy wearing contact lenses, not necessarily because you don't fit them, but because you didn't pick the right base.

If the base arc is too large, there may be problems such as not sticking to the eyeball, shifting and sliding. On the other hand, if too small, it will cause a tight feeling, just like not buying the right shoe size!

The base arc of the general lenses is about 8.5mm or 8.6mm, which is basically friendly to everyone. Unless the base arc of your eyes is special, and then we find another right antidote with docs! 

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